About Morgan


TV & Film

Morgan is an actor, writer, comedian, musician and producer based in Dublin, Ireland. 2020 will see him in edgy horror comedy BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL. He has appeared on television (QUANTICO; NOWHERE FAST; RIPPER STREET; VIKINGS; TRIVIA2; NIGHTHAWKS; THE BASEMENT; THIS IS NIGHTLIVE) and in film (THE GUARANTEE; SPIDER’S TRAP; SEPARATION ANXIETY) and as several animated characters (THE UGLY DUCKLING & ME; BALLYBRADDEN; GARTH AND BEV; GALAKTIK FOOTBALL; NIKO AND THE WAY TO THE STARS). Recent TV roles include PAUDIE a man who’s dying wish of cremation seems thwarted in BURNING WISHES for RTE STORYLAND; voicing several islanders and the incredibly happy MR O’DEAR in cartoon series INIS SPROAI (USA Rock-a-bye Island); he has also appeared as a Braavosi Captain in Season V of cult show GAME OF THRONES


He has performed on stage at Dublin’s Gaiety, Olympia, Project, Andrew’s Lane and Tivoli theatres in dramatic roles in BIG MOM; BORSTAL BOY; THE STUFF OF MYTH and GOTTA MAKE THAT TRAIN. 2019 saw him reprise his role as Charles J Haughey in the national tour of Fishamble’s HAUGHEY/GREGORY, and undertake the roles of Claudius and The Ghost in HAMLET


Morgan spent many happy years performing with Crazydog Audio Theatre company, enjoying the diversity of characters and roles that he was given (BIG BIG SPACE; THE LAST HARBINGER; INFIDEL; DIABOLIC PLAYHOUSE; POET LAUREATE OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CORK) ~ in addition, Morgan has taken roles in many radio productions by RTE the Irish state broadcasting service (A PROGRAMME CALLED KEVIN; HERE’S JOHNNY; GONE BUT FORGOTTEN; THE MERCHANT OF VENICE). He also played Padraig Pearse in Tinpot Productions’ THE LOST PATRIOT. Most recent radio drama roles have been for Henchman Productions as Sir Earnest Shackleton in ENDURANCE (RADIO KERRY), HOME AGAIN (NEWSTALK), and MATCHES (NEWSTALK). He is narrator of the Dublin Trilogy series of books by Caimh McDonnell. He reprised his long running Crazydog character Dr Rotwang Krell in The Carnyx of Terror at Worldcon 2019



Starting young in 1985 Morgan has performed as a solo standup comedian and in improv all over Ireland and in the UK and Scandanavia,