Audio Samples

Schouten Gin

Online promo for Schouten Gin 

Dr Krell & The Carnyx of Terror

Filmed at Worldcon 2019 Dr Krell & The Carnyx of Terror - a spot of old style radio craziness.  What can possibly go wrong when a mad scientist bent on world domination revives the bog mummy of an iron age Celtic Warrior just to blow the Carnyx of Terror, an invincible enchanted Irish battle horn of unfathomable [...]

Alien Covenant 30″

ALIEN COVENANT 30″ radio spot (MVO Morgan C. Jones)   Very excited to see this movie. Also quite stoked to be asked to do the Irish radio spots. A great teaser bed and excellent mix throughout from Dr Noel Storey of Beacon Studios for 20th Century Fox Ireland   [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

The Martini Spin – promo VO

Very nice wee promo for a next generation start up from Martini Studios in Dublin, Ireland – The Martini Spin “you’ll all be doing it tomorrow” (using it on your website to drive sales that is) Animation by Andrew Byron (Stylo Motion Design). VO recorded at Sound Entertaining! Ltd and mixed by John Williams at [...]

Irish Rail – whole ad break takeover commercial spot

This Irish Rail/Belfast Enterprise 120″ radio spot was a “whole ad break takeover” – fun to record, even more fun to listen to. Nice when concept and client meet and don’t clash over the duration (for a change) LUXURY!!! Recorded at Digges Lane Production in Marconi House Dublin and engineered/mixed by Carolyn Goulden. MVO Morgan [...]

“Taken” JNLR Results Promo for ClareFM

“Liam Neeson Taken” JNLR Promo for ClareFM – April 2016 – some more tasty little imaging here for ClareFM. Recorded at Sound Entertaining! in Dublin and produced in Ennis Co. Clare by Padraic Flaherty. All voices Morgan C. Jones

Easter Rising Centenary spot for Clare FM

This next link is something a bit different: ClareFM Looks Back to 1916 – Part 3 of a series of special inserts recorded at ClareFM and produced by Paraic Flaherty of that parish. Based on the premise “…what if we had the commercial radio network we have today back then?” and broadcast to mark the [...]

Golfing Offer/Irish Independent 20″ radio spot

Irish Independent – Golf Offer What’s with all the twenty second duration commercials lately? Here is one from Bonfire written by Lee Richardson and produced for the Irish/Sunday Independent newspapers in Ireland. Engineered by Neil Kavanagh, Head of Production at Newstalk 106. MVO 1,2&3 Morgan C. Jones

Windsor Nissan Dealers 20″ radio spot

WINDSOR NISSAN 2015 OFFER produced by Malcolm Currie of Quantum Communications for Windsor Group this 20″ spot was engineered by Jamzie Daly at Bounce Sound Dublin. MVO Morgan C. Jones

“Carry Out” – 30″ Radio Spot

Carry Out ‘Easter’ Radio spot for Carry Out recorded at Avondale Studios Dublin. Written by Denis Goodbody and produced for the client by MVO Morgan C. Jones