Audio Samples

McDonalds Taxi

An unusual one for me this…I’m the robo-cabbie Jo-MAXe. Unusual because its halfway between a VO and a performance. That’s really me there under the CGI robot head. Great fun to spend a day on a gimble in front of a green screen – it fulfilled a good few of my childhood dreams of working [...]

Lyons 30″ TV spot ‘Girl Talk’

Lyons 30″ TV spot ‘Girl Talk’ MVO endline Morgan C. Jones

Emotional Appeal on behalf of ICAD Upstarts

ICAD Upstarts DIRECT LINK TO MP3 FILE Demo radio ad to promote the ICAD Upstarts programme which fosters, promotes and rewards young creatives. Creative: Robert Joseph McBride VO: Morgan C.Jones

O’Brien’s All Day Hunger 30″ radio spot

O’Briens All Day Hunger DIRECT LINK TO MP3 FILE 30″ radio spot for O’Brien’s Sandwich Cafes. Agency – Young Advertising. Recorded – Screenscene, Dublin. FVO: Jenny Buckley. MVO: Morgan C.Jones

The Ugly Duckling & Me

This is the international trailer for The Ugly Duckling & Me (2006). As well as the feature there was an accompanying 26 episode TV series. Ratso is possibly the most unscrupulous character I’ve ever seen in a children’s movie. Venal, cowardly, selfish, exploitative. I enjoyed playing him no end. This clip also features the voice [...]

I’m A Rhino – from Brown Bag Films’ I’m An Animal

Roughly midway in the great Brown Bag Films back catalogue there lies I’m An Animal. I had the great pleasure of voicing several of the characters – a favourite of mine is the matriarchal Hyena, who I interpreted as a ‘heart of the roul Dub’. This one – I’m a Rhino – was the one [...]

National Consumer Agency 30″ radio spot

nca banking cost 30 sec radio version 2 DIRECT LINK TO MP3 FILE “SILLY VOICES” Recorded at Beacon Recording Studios, Dublin. Agency: Language. Creative: Katy Egan. VO: Morgan C.Jones

Beck’s Vier 20″ TV spot

Beck’s Vier 20″ TV spot. Recorded at Number 4 Studios, Dublin. Agency: Young Euro RSCG. VO: Morgan C.Jones


[Audio clip: view full post to listen] DIRECT LINK TO MP3 FILE Demo of campaign for Ford (Irl) recorded at Reelgood Studios, Dublin. VO: Morgan C.Jones

HOMESTORE AND MORE (regional) radio spot May 2011

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] DIRECT LINK TO MP3 FILE Recorded at Slate Recording Studios Dublin. Creative: Frank Stanley. VO Morgan C.Jones